about me

I am Lefteris Delimitrou, I have been a Software Engineer for over 5 years. I received my bachelor’s degree from the TEI of Athens as an Electronics Engineer. My interests expand to writing OOP & Functional code. Also, I am keen on writing code for games. One of my biggest passions in the field of Robotics and A.I. I consider myself an explorer of everything unknown (at least to me).

In this blog, I am going to deal with and present design challenges on coding, Algorithms, Game programming, AI, Android, and Linux. This is certainly an attempt to keep track of my journey as a Software Engineer as well as to share my knowledge with you.


Game development is challenging. You have to think every single line of code using the right design pattern so as to have the best maintenance in your code. Performance depends on writing complex algorithms, and digging to find the best approach for optimization is mandatory.


Solving problems is the most critical asset for developers. I have strong discipline and I can stay focused on my problem so as to get there with the best solution.